Starting a Dueling Steam Group

  • So I want to make a steam group for experienced duelers, to easily find each other so they can sharpen their skills. I am looking for people who join a pub dueling server and go 16-0 without much of a challenge. I want to bring all those people together in one dueling group, so we can excel by pushing each other to an even higher level of dueling.This is not a clan and it doesn’t matter if you are apart of a clan. It will just be a resource so when you log on and feel like getting a workout in, you can easily find people to spare with.

    2 questions!

    1.) Would anyone be interested in joining?

    2.) What should I call it?

    If this sounds elitist, its really not. To learn how to duel, just join a duel server and get your butt kicked for a while until you find a style that works for you. Then once you start becoming an effective killing machine, you find this group and push it to the next level.

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