Modeling Accessory Ideas

  • So my hobby has been to make 3d models since like 2 weeks ago 13 hours a day :D and then I remembered there’s AoC-2 in developement! So I wipped up some models in 3d studio max for modeling ideas! Well some were for Vox on this forum but that’s a-okay! I’m sure of it!

    shield! my latest piece!

    simple rounded buckler! low poly and meh textures but fair point across!! :D

    Quiver! low poly! banana butt bones

    Sword! my first to test model a simple one but more advance to come!

    I have alot more sadly I was modeling alot of spartan type armor that has no application to here, least to say everything else will be better looking from experience in intervals of each new model!

    If you like it i’ll continue as it’s really fun to do! If not, well I still <3 you i’ll just mope in solitude next to a clubbed seal and sad panda, Yah how’s that make you feel. :D

  • Your not bad at modeling, you have learned really fast if you just started 2 weeks ago. Though I’m no moddeler, I like them :D

    I envy you skillz. :(
    You could use your skillz to help in some mod if you wanted.

  • Haha, Thanks Andrew Blake! It’s really fun to do actually! It’s like playing a sim game, but making whatever you imagine :P I just exchanged the amount of time I played games for this and I do not regret it hehe, I suggest if you like it to try it out yourself ^_^

    lol Thanks Slygoat I was wondering how to do that by the way are you the same slygoat from the steam version of AoC I remember you feightly if you remember me or not I was Vq.| Mr.Dr.Proff. Fluffykins!

  • Developer

    Fluffykins, your telling me you don’t think people here would be interested in a spartan character mod? You crazy man. Post it all and keep it up.

  • Tibberius!!! Haha Thanks, i’ll try to revamp them!!! <3 xD

  • -Update :D I made an arrow, the iron tip and wooden shaft. But I don’t know how they design arrows back in medieval ages I assume feathers or such on the end but I do not know D: so i’m holding on that one any clues would be loved!

    first bow! was fun making the bow considering how creative you could get manipulating it! I believe this one is what you call a recurve not sure lol

    Another Shield! one of my first creations but looked alright somehow!

    Chestpiece! sculpted in zbrush i’m not good at anatomy nor zbrush for that matter so it looks off in my eyes, just did a texture from my shield as I don’t really have a clear idea how to texture this ;p
    Helmet! once again same texture from shield :(! But i’ma add hair to the top + redo a little ;p
    Shelf! For books, you need to keep books organized, or else you might lose your books!

  • I have know where you can reliable info on medival arrows, devs could help ;)

    Chestpiece looks a bit odd when i think about it, I think the stomach is too long. Could be that as when you go that far down normally hit your the hips I think… (Just guessing)

    omg I have a similar shelf home, I have all the books I don’t read anymore in it. :D

    I guess I would have made models or something, but.
    Too bad I’ve been hit by the lazy bug now, I worked all day prepering for next school year for a week. wake up 7 am go to bed 1 am. Now meh, feel so lazy. Don’t want to do anything and because of that I’m bored, I feel like an idiot.

  • Ya devs! lol jk

    Yup I think chestpiece is too long like a t-shirt when it should be something slutty around the belly button lol :P least in metaphor!

    Ya I modeled this shelf after mine I store textbooks that mean nothing in it and it’s really riggidy…for a shelf lol

    And Yes I know EXACTLY how that lazy bug is, sometimes it’s impossible but during those times that you have even an hour get yourself into it as I rather do something that’s not only a hobby but also healthier than school work 100% for straight A’s…or close to it :P
    Also developing a consistant schedule works wonders just something as simple as everyday go to gym during blank and blank eat something while doing work then hobby then bed rinse repeat! Least that’s what I do ;D if that helps you any against the lazy bug lol

  • I did exerice Almost every day, guess I should get my ass moving agian.
    But i don’t know what to do, school work or drawing or some computer stuff? arrgghh.

  • Drawing + Computer stuff! haha seriously it helps so much if you see what you’re doing on paper rather than free thoughting it in 3d space, also you can draw environements, castles, armor, humans you name it and then apply it to the 3d world! or even 2d world if you like photoshop and want to make CG art

    As for school work, I just do what I need in order to get by lol…not the best plan but I like living free with whatever hobby I have than doing repetitive work that I don’t care for!
    Anyways i’m off to bed! Hopefully I model the arrow, a crusade helmet or average plate helmet, and axe or polearm by the end of the day! also plan to get into cloth / hair modifiers for cloaks,clothing,flags etc. and hopefully I can learn how to make gauntlents, greaves, forearm pads, and shoulderplates soon, as I really want to do that :(
    And after my modeling becomes decent i’ll learn some environment modeling for castles to incorporate with accessories! and then I can use my top-down drawings of castle designs for good use.
    And then in the far far future I will learn some UDK and mod a map to make a map with moving ships!
    There’s my generic schedule in my sleepy tired mind!

  • @Fluffykins:

    Haha, Thanks Andrew Blake! It’s really fun to do actually! It’s like playing a sim game, but making whatever you imagine :P I just exchanged the amount of time I played games for this and I do not regret it hehe, I suggest if you like it to try it out yourself ^_^

    lol Thanks Slygoat I was wondering how to do that by the way are you the same slygoat from the steam version of AoC I remember you feightly if you remember me or not I was Vq.| Mr.Dr.Proff. Fluffykins!

    Of course it’s me. I’ve met some impostor SlyGoats before but they all fail to live up to my name.

    And I have the memory of an elephant.

  • Lol, well heya there!
    -Update So I worked about 9 hours creating a crusader like Helmet, Axe, And Arrow for the bow ;p

    Crusader Helmet! The exposure setting differences just we’re so big that I posted both sets cause I can’t decide! and I’m terrible at lighting! and this is what happens when I add holes :(
    Arrow! Seems off regardless of the placeholder tail I think tips are suppose to be flat not sure lol
    Axe! Surprisingly hard to shape the blade!

  • I Like the first steel helmet very much and the next black helmet version, is cool. Looks kinda black knightish. The light was wrong on the helmet with steel and gold on, the problem was to much light I think. The helmet had already a light color, put much light on that too, bam looks weird.

    the axe blade normally is a bit more edgy and shaping the the ring that is around the tree stick is normally A little ticker. Remember they normally hvae a rough edge, though there exsists different designs.

    Arrow is cool though one small thing, noramlly the tails are curved so they give spin to the arrow.

    Your effectivenss on time continues to suprise me I played games wit my friend for 7 hours strait and forgot to eat dinner so I just ate bread yesterday.

  • Hehe ya I tend to forget to eat and stuff doing this too unless it’s water

    But ya the helmets we’re actually the same textures with different exposure renderings and I just couldn’t seem to make a good looking steel silver

    And ya i’ll defintely make the metal around the wood shaft thicker and i’ll try curving the tails / applying realistic feathers

  • -update!
    I wasn’t being lazy!!! so posting some new stuff to prove it! :P just a little bit however as they we’re both new projects today!

    Another helmet! Not really sure what it’s called I just know that they’re used with chainmail coifs underneath! If only I knew how to make chainmail :(

    Crossbow! took really long, partially because of rounding of string(which has texture issue :() and curving the wood polygon by polygon wasn’t really a smart idea to begin with, overall I like it ^_^

    My collection is growing tall! soon gauntlents (which will be hard…I think!) A spear, Greaves(I think plated leg guards), Shen guards, wrist pads!

    If you like it favorite this rate this video, favorite, and subscribe for a chance to win a life time stay at all hawaiin hotels.

  • -Update!

    Leg-Guards! Sorry was really hard to capture it as it was perfectly verticle so it looked wierd ;p

    Shoulder-Pads! I should of textured in zbrush :( as they all are messed up in someway after tinkering

    Have wrist guards too! but I just realized that knights have gloves combining wrist guards :( so idk

  • No update :(
    Video card (I think) died while playing aoc (froze with blue lines everywhere and when I startup I get goofy displaced loads/more lines) and now my resolution is stuck at lowest soo :( I guess I have to wait but, I may use other cpu to learn some udk till its fixed which makes me ask if I can import udk maps (with 3ds .obj) into chivalry:mw and should I be aware of anything. Like to use or stay away from certain tools effects? Thanks if this is answered sorry I can’t make anything for the small time being!!!

  • If the card is still detected you could try downloading new drivers to it. Don’t know about the other question though.

  • okay thanks, I’ll try that it seems to have gotten better in a way that I can actually see stuff and my resolution is fixed however everything is slow ; /

    EDIT* Going to start updating again around wensday to friday :)
    EDIT* actually seemingly as Dell has failed me, i’ll start updating next week… sadly my skill will be worse at that point ; / hopefully I relearn quickly…

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