Map/Mode Idea

  • Sorry for rough sketch ;P
    (Red dot is initial Mason Spawn) (Blue dot is initial Agathia Spawn)
    (Red-Brown Stipple is Pathway/Uphill)
    (Polygonal 1 shaded figures are Rocks)(Gray Faded Brush is Un-Navigatable Terrain)
    (Question Mark Traps are Placeholder traps for anything such as Tree Shafts falling down the hill)

    So this map is considered in my mind and thoughts to be a hardcore-ish modification in terms to the statement Tibberius said that there would be a Last Man Standing mode.


    -Well in this idea I have placed it to the point that Agathia should have a limited number of lives or just 1 at that (Defenders). And the Masons would have unlimited lives or a high amount of limited lives (Attackers).

    -The Win Condition for Agathia is to hold out a set amount of time or to kill all the Masons and their lives. The Win Condition for Masons is to capture the 3rd fortress or kill all the Agathians severely limited life count.

    -All Fortresses and Supply Towers have an abundant amount of First Aid and Ammunition (Primarily for Agathia)

    -Every Fortress and Supply Tower that is over-run with masons (Most likely a capturing flag objective) Will create a new spawn point in that area.

    -The motive to defend fortresses is not only for time but defenders will have an uphill advantage, first aid, supplies, and siege weaponry (depending the fort). Agathians should primarily focus on survival which brings me to my next point.

    -As Agathian Defenders If you lose a keep or about to, you need to retreat or else you may lose a valuable life. And at the point of retreat is where a new style of play comes in where there are player triggered traps to help stall while running to your next fort and/or stock up at a supply tower. However, in between 2 forts are giant open plains, where there is no cover, but to run uphill as fast as you can, and this is where Agathians are truely vulnerable, for every Agathian Masons kill, the easier the next fort you siege will be as there will be less Agathians.

    -For every sequential fort Agathians retreat to will be a more fortified fortress than the previous in terms of design,siege weaponry, and castle positioning to the below terrain.

    So to recap this is a timed survival mode (in my intentions) for Agathians as Masons Siege various structures of different designed castles (in my examples Ruins, To a Woodenfort, To a Old Garrison) Masons try to focus oppurtune kills during ‘Plain-Runs’ between retreating of forts as Masons are being stalled by player triggered traps. For every structure Masons Capture is triggered a new spawn point.

    I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not but it has been stuck in my head for a long time and I need to release it!

  • Hmmm I don’t think this is an bad idea, but it probobrly work better with clans. And getting the amount of lifes right is important. imo attackers should have 30 for the team, and defenders should have 10 for the team. not counting the life you start with.

    maybe one of the objektives should be a farm or something as just castles are too many castles.

  • Hehe, well regardless if clan or not it will make a player worry about his life count more therefor a subtle addition to motivate team work, also it gives archers and ranged a more favorable map as alot of the maps in aoc really favored average infantry due to objectives being to fend off a ram or such which led to jumping out of castle walls to deal with it.

    Also I feel TSL mode is already great enough in a open battlefield as you are already in an engagement process and have the motivation to live really gives a dynamic feeling to protect yourself but also to focus not on killing the enemy, but to protect your allies - and the reason I say that is in aoc alot of people would focus down enemies regardless of their team mate being low health and trying to back out instead of doing a more tactical decision such as blocking the path to follow a wounded team mate or disrupting the enemy with a shield block in his face that would push him and make him miss / lose ground.

    Also a farm would have to be the 1st spawning point as this map focuses on a basis of every further location you retreat to you’re more fortified than the last. Because that compensates for the loss of Agathians / Not being as ready to fight as an initial spawn point…

    It would be quite a large map as to make ‘plain-runs’ something epic like when the horses/men in Lord of The Rings retreated from Osgiliath to Minas Tirith and were at consequence because they were exposed. And that’s partially where I got my inspiration from!

    If they don’t make this map I know I will try my best to! I promise that!!!

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