Mod/Custom Content Distribution

  • Dear developers and/or people in the know,

    How will mods and custom content be distributed to players? Are you planning something like Steam Workshop where people have to download every mod or piece of content separately or will it be streamlined where you will automagically download whatever mod/custom content that the server you connect to is hosting? If the second choice, will servers hosting mods show up in the main server browser for all to see (even those without the specific mod/using vanilla CMW)?

    I guess this leads into the question of how easily can the popular servers discover and implement mods and custom content and how easily players can discover and obtain new mods/content.


  • @Joppe:

    Doesn’t exist… yet?

    Also, will mods be like hot-swappable mutators? Say I make a mod that gives everyone wooden weapons that can break after so much abuse while being able to pick up dropped weapons from the dead to compensate. It’s a way to make players use their alt weapons and even fists if it comes down to it. Can a server turn that on and off on a whim (player vote or random)?

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