Xbox360 controller issues

  • My xbox360 controller just isn’t working. It worked when I first loaded up the game and through the menus but stopped working when the map loaded up. Now my controller isn’t even working at all, not even in the menu’s. It works for 100% of everything else i use it for. the keyboard/mouse works fine. please someone help me figure this out. I’ve been trying all sorts of things and nothing seems to work:
    reset hid in device manager
    unplug plug in the controller
    reset my pc
    reset the game
    reset steam

    anybody have any other ideas? Other than that this game is freaking awesome.

  • The menus don’t work for the controller. It’s something we have noted and will fix.

  • i know it doesn’t work in the menu’s, the other half of the problem is the controller isn’t working in-game either

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