G-card advise Plox!

  • Well Im going to copy this thread here as well as Im not sure who still goes on the old forum.

    Ok I have been running 2x8800GTS 315mb? for about 3 years, and now that summer is coming up I’ve had enough of my tower heating up my whole room. I am on a budget here lets say of £150 I might be willing to go above if it seems worth it. The two cards I have been looking at thus far are:

    From what I have read it seems that the 250 is where the 200 series starts becoming better then the older 9800’s

    My spec is as follows:
    Q6600 2.4
    4gb ram OCZ
    Crossfire 600w PS
    MSI 650i motherboard
    Windows XP

    Any advice is much appreciated :)

  • I know it’s a bit off topic but aren’t the Radeons better at the moment? Or are you dead set on getting a geforce?

  • From what I have been reading, I would assume same. However I’ve always had the worry of compatibility with ATI cards over Nvidia and I would rather not change other parts of my system just for a marginally better card. Shame I brought my pc just before ATI pulled their finger out lol.


    ps: incompatibility doesn’t exist in graphic card, if you got a pci-express slot and you got it (8800 is pci express) there is no problem to take a ATI card.

  • Well I have been speaking to a few mates and although some have experienced problems using ATI cards with a Intel chip, it has only been on earlier cards prior to the 4000 series. So after a bit of looking around and seeing “how much bang for my buck” I could get, I think I am resting my eyes upon the ATI 4890.

    Seems to out do the GT275 on most bench mark tests and I have found it £20 cheaper then the GT275. All in all this looks to be a pretty nice card. It also seems that the GT has a heat issue and I would rather stay away from having a pc/heater again.
    http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Componen … 24MB+GDDR5

  • How much prices do you get for the 4890? it would be better to look on the 5XXX series more than the 4xxx series i think.

  • 4890 I should be able to get for £153. compared to £200 for the 5850 which according to Toms hardware performs only 9fps better for £50 more. I have also taken into consideration about over clocking and it seems the XFX 4890 still comes top trumps with it adding at least another 10fps to the card . I just need to call some places today and see if I can haggle and get it any cheaper :)

  • Yeah 153£ is really a great price ! It is just harmful that it is not the series 5xxx because this new serie consumes and heats less and manages also directx 11 besides other news features (eye infinity for exemple). For the overclocking well on processor it is okay but on graphic card… being the most vulnerable element of a computer, I would avoid reducing still a little more his life expectancy (of experience it was always the graphic card which left first on my computers and without overclocking). If you speak about already overclocked graphics cards from XFX it is okay, It is a safe overclocking with a good fan so no problem.

  • Well from starting out with a budget of £150 and with my eyes on a Nvidia card, I’m now looking at getting the XFX 5850 which is nearly £100 more then my original budget :lol:

    Taking on board what Holy_Teal has said and working for a renewable energy specialist, it made little sense spending nearly three quarters of the new “budget” on a card that takes more power and has less performance. I can see I would only regret it in a year, if that when I can get Win 7.

    Thanks for the advise Holy.

    PS: With regards to graphic cards failing, I can’t complain about my two 8800GTS’s they have sat in my case when its been heating my room and never failed to perform. The only games that have caused them problems is ARMA 2 due to poor coding and the vast size of the game, most cards struggled to run it. And GTA 4 and that’s no surprise when its running it at medium to high settings, with medium view distance. :P

  • You won’t regret it, i promise ;)

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