Archery: Bow Loading.

  • I think the archer should be able to permanently hold an arrow, loaded in the bow… Can anyone tell me a counter-reason as to why this isn’t current?

    An example of a recent encounter.

    I was playing Archer, I happened upon a knight with a heavy shield. I would draw my arrow and aim at him while he was advancing, he would just permanently hold his shield up until he saw my bow drop and sprint-advance me, closing the gap much faster than if he’d had to hold his shield up the whole time.

  • A ‘semi realistic’ approach to bows is the main reason. I’d actually like to see it lowered if I’m completely honest with you, so the Shortbow can be held longer than the Longbow, which in turn can be held longer than the Warbow, just as a very light prevention to drawing the heavier bows in safety, then walking around the corner and aiming with plenty of time and firing, it steps on the Crossbows’ toes a little bit there with lengthy reloading in safety. I’m not talking instant though, maybe 8/6/4 seconds from the moment its fully drawn is fair for everyone.

    You should have considered shooting his feet by the way as soon as you could - waiting is not recommended at all, as they can shield bash you from the block position, which will automatically de-draw your bow if it’s drawn or partly drawn.

  • Ok fair enough… I can kinda see the balance in play there. I like your idea too.

    Also I’m not a very good shot yet, which is why I didn’t shoot for the feet, at the moment when I aim I shoot for centre mass.

  • Nope, trust me, i have done some archery in the past, and tried to pick it up last year, and tried someones longbow, and the string on it is very strong and you really cant hold that arrow back for very long, and i’m not a weakling. ;)

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