Two Weeks Update!

  • Developer

    It has been two weeks since release and it’s past time for us to give you guys an update on what we are working on. It makes us very happy to be able to say that so far our release has gone very well and player numbers are much stronger than expected, so we are very excited! Which is great news for you as well- because us being excited means you get patches faster and more post-release content!

    So far we have been primarily focused on getting bugs worked out and the first big patch is coming soon, hopefully within the next week or 2. Patch one includes: a complete remake of the server browser, fixed auto-balance, new ranged crosshairs, fixed javelins and keybind improvements among many other items highlighted by our community. After that we’re headed towards our first content update, which will bring a ton of new, free stuff to the game, first up includes new maps, new weapons and duel mode + plenty of surprises.

    Basically what we are saying is, we are so happy with how things are going for the game and the reception we have been getting that we are committing to an insane amount of content updates for you guys. I also wanted to thank you all for your feedback so far, anyone who has been posting in our initial impressions post on the forums or just giving us suggestions or feedback along the way, it means a lot and we really are listening and trying to bring the content you guys are asking for. Everyone who has purchased the game has played a role in making our dreams come true and that is something we will remember.

    So Thank you! And I shall look to pay deeper respects to you on the battlefield,

    Steve & Torn Banner Studios

  • Fantastic! Any word on the mod tools? :D

  • and that’s why i love torn banner studios. Active in the community :D

  • I think I just had my first wargasm… :o
    You guys rock, keep it up!

  • You guys are just AWESOME!!!, I can’t get enough of this game and it’s community updates :P 8-) :P

  • Sounds really nice, but what about the golden helmet?! <3

  • Nice one!
    I’m particularly looking forward to seeing new content. This game is so much fun but playing the same maps all over again…

    Have you considered my suggestion for a M&B style siege mode/maps? viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4314&p=32540#p32540

    This kind of mode was what made me come back to M&B long after I quit playing in clans just because it’s so challenging and rewarding .

  • Awesome! I’m looking forward to the update, especially the duel mode.
    I hope the dueling system will be similar to the duel system of the Jedi Knight series.
    ( at 0:40)

  • My group and I sure hope to see mod support soon. Team BRH needs it’s drinking game mod.

  • great news! thank for the update guys!

  • Kind words and thank you guys for delivering more content! This makes me glad I supported this game. Very awesome! Please stay awesome!

  • Awesome, can’t wait.

  • HAIL !

  • Amazing, updates are allways welcome.

  • Raaaa CANT WAIT TILL NOVEMBER FINALLY RETAIL VERSION I have not bought the game yet because iv been waiting for the retail stores to release, almost here once gamestop has its finally time to bash some heads in with my warhammer raa.

    By the way in Does The game being released for conventional retail stores mean that there will be a boxed version or will gamestop or any other place that will have it only sell the code?

  • thanks to Torn Banner for making this game a reality, talking to your community and keeping the game updated and not leaving us high and dry like the big game developers usually do, they should take a lesson from you.

  • Awesome news by Torn Banner! Well done guys - patch`em up!

  • I love this game…but I cannot play it with more than 4 people on a server due to HUGE frame rate drops (40-60 with 4 people, 13 fps on a server with 12+)

    I would be forever grateful if you could fix this (somewhat common) issue this patch…so I can finally tell my friends that YES…it is worth the $25.

    keep up the good work.

  • Probably the first time i’ve seen this kind of activity from devs. Awesome work with the game, and keep it up! I’m telling my friends about this game.

  • Sweet. :D

    Can’t wait for the first patch, new maps and weapons! Get in :D :D

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