Votekick also banning people?

  • I was playing on iPGN Classic [RANKED] #01 and two players named Rend and Zardez both started to say i was hacking and then Zardez started a votekick which kicked me off the server and also banned me. Zardez also did this to another player as well before he did it to me, who was ? SkyFatherGod ?.

    Now i know that having a score over 600 with 45-50 kills and 19 deaths, might look like hacking but come on, i was playing the man at arms with the norse sword which has a very fast stab which can two hit everyone par the kight which takes three hits and i was aiming for archers and players with low health, have a look at this video form Sharantil.

    what i want to know is how long are the bans and is there any other way of lifting them other then geting in contact with server admins.

    i know i need to go to ipgn to have them lift the ban but thier forum registration does not work for me. I get The following errors occurred during your registration The answer given for the random question was incorrect. which is a Random Question Type hello in the box if you are human i type hello in the box but it bugs out with the error. :x

    thanks to anyone who helps me.

    p.s i think ill stop playing for a bit i do not want to be banned from all the australian servers. :(

  • Vote kicks that are called by players only temporarily ban another player for 5 minutes if they succeed.

  • Yep players cannot permanently ban other players. so I wouldn’t worry about it dude. Forget about it and jump into another server.

  • thanks for the help guys

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