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  • Hey guys, i just wanted to give some suggestions if you have the time.

    1. What would be awesome is if you could add player customizations to choose what armor you have on after you have collected enough credits or money or whatever you want to call it

    2. Real-time blood splats if you have the right software, to simulate liquid splashing and splatting on surfaces kinda like toribash blood but better.

    3. My last and final request, asassinations like on halo: reach for coming close behind an enemy that hasn’t seen you yet to (in first-person) stick him or slice his throat, the list is endless :D

    THX for reading guys! :D :fenc:

  • Those blood simulations would seem extremely intensive on PCs and seeing as this game has quite the increased graphics it would have to be dumbed down a little as a blob mesh to splatting to a wall in real time preciseness is a little much, on the contrary blood and gore is something aoc loves so I do reccomend increased blood graphics compared to other games! (and of course a setting to switch blood from low-high and possibly a graphics slider specifically for blood would be cool)

    As for assassinations, I really don’t like being controlled by a simulation, and alot of big name companies are doing it for their young audiences because it looks cool, however it’s not only hard to apply to this game as you could be in a large battle with many peoples backs turned knowingly but it’s dull gameplay, sure it’ll be cool the first few times to acquire an audience (the marketing scheme of big name companies), but I think as far as a stable consistant game I want to be able to have full control of my body except when controlling siege equipment and such.

    That’s just my take on it though :P but I do approve of any enhancements on blood/blood decals that are reasonable for computers, in which on that thought I need to improve my 5 year old dell alienware!
    Hopefully an i7 990 proccessor does good in here

  • Assassinations are dumb as hell unless it’s something specific to a certain class, like the Spy in TF2 being entirely specialized for it.

  • Chivalry: Medieval Spys

  • I also disagree with the assasinations part. I wanna run straight forward to my enemy, not having to turn every 5 seconds to check if there is a sneaky bastard trying to get me from behind.

    An idea like that might sound good on paper, but I think it detracts from the global experience the game has to offer.

  • If you get someone from behind you get a free hit on them anyway. That’s a big enough combat advantage.

  • Yuperz! but now that is out of the way I just want beast audio for blocking / parrying / arrows :) in which they have big plans for audio so kudos for focusing on that!

    Oh and bass in certain things (not really specifying) would make my 130$ Headphones a more worthwhile experience than it already is :D

  • but how do you think player customization sounds? :D And your right now that i think of it assasinations wouldn’t be too much fun in this game, :?

  • The developers already have plans for cosmetics that they believe will work the best given the size of their team:


    We’re going to approach cosmetic unlocks in a way that I don’t believe has been done before, and is fitting with the capabilities of our team. We simply don’t have the manpower to let you guys swap out belt buckles and gauntlets on every playermodel. Instead we’re going to try to make unlocks a bit less frequent but potentially more rewarding. So you can unlock things like special death animations (arrow to the throat!) or more taunts to help you prove to your opponents that your more of a man than they are. So not just cosmetic changes, but also things that allow you to experience the game in a new, unique way that doesn’t effect gameplay.

    As far as stats go, I have to say that the team started out on the complete opposite side of the coin than what narrator was discussing. We were wanting to add a whole truckload of stats so you can see everything and analyse how you play the game, but your arguments definetly have weight. I’ve come up with some thoughts on how we can include stats but not make them so pervasively addictive that you cannot enjoy yourself while playing. Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

    #1. Memorables (Records)

    Memorables are events that occurred in the game, within a single life OR within a single battle (map). So these are not perpetual stats, but simply reminders of some of your greatest moments in the game. We’re planning to include them in a journal or diary type form that acts like a log, so you’ll see your previous records and when you beat them etc. Example:

    July 24th, 2011 - On this day I accomplished my greatest feat, slaying 23 enemies before falling. [Stoneshill- ServerName]

    July 27th, 2011 - My strength grows with each day, on the battlefield 56 widows were made by my sword. [Darkforest- ServerName].

    You’ll also be notifed ingame when you are dead or on map change if you have broken a previous record.

    #2. Medals

    Medals are awarded at the end of each battle by the commander to his best performing soldiers and as a result they play the role of showing how frequently a player is a top performer.


    Hero: (Most points in battle) Narrator (x13).
    Achilles: (Longest Killstreak) Reapy (x2).

    With the number being the amount of times in total you have received the medal.

    #3. Traits

    Traits are a unique way of showing player progression because unlike other methods, they are not linear. Traits are based on variable stats and can change to reflect the players playstyle and habits. They help you understand how you are playing the game and where you are performing best. If you hover over a trait, it will tell you how it is calculated.


    Trait: Aggressive
    [HOVER: Damage per minute exceeds 230.]

    Trait: Fears Archers
    [HOVER: Deaths to archers divided by total deaths is greater than 25%]

    Trait: Defensive Master
    [HOVER: Damage absorbed by parries or blocks per life average is greater than 150]

    The idea with traits is to have stages to them as well, so as your Damage per minute increases you move from Aggressive to Violent or if it falls too low you might become Timid. Traits are class-based and are meant to bring your personality and playstyle to light in a way that you can show to others and review for yourself.

    Hopefully these methods of stat tracking satisfy people on both sides of the argument. I would also like to hear your thoughts on whether out of game (Steam page, website etc.) stats are less of an issue to display more directly.

    Of course like all things this early on, this is subject to change.

  • on a note of killing blows/backstabs etc, i’m gonna agree to saying no to them unless they’re in the form of taunt-kills with a build up time (so basically usless unless against someone barely moving or afk, which i’m guessing is what would happen anyway), or having an end-of-game time like in tf2 where all attacks are the epic "dark-messiah-adrenaline-leonidas-kick-to-the-face-off-cliff " sort of stuff. Also on a trip-down memory-lane using my ps2 (remember them?) i noticed that in the game star-wars episode 3 blahblah… all the stabbing attacks would actually temporarily impale an enemy before he died. This lead me to notice the problem in aoc where most weapons had to be coded as an anti-gravity-baton where if it so much as grazed you or pin-pricked you with a stab you would still be repulsed by the weapon whilst it very rarely entered you (lol?..…), anyways on the ps2 game you would stab an enemy, leave him on your lightsaber for just long enough for it to be noticed without it disrupting combat and then watch him crumple or boot him off. the only problem with this is no more dynamically thrown ragdolls :o , but i’m sure an automatic shove animation may solve this :evil: .

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