Toggled sprint improvement

  • Hello,

    First I know there is another thread on the subject but it is actually not a suggestion (
    Hope there isn’t another thread on the subject I missed. If what I’m gonna say has already been discussed, I’m sorry.

    I feel like right now the behavior of running is really frustrating and counterintuitive. I think it could be improved easily.

    How it works now :
    You can toggle sprint, but for some reasons you can automatically stop running and have to press again the sprint key. In some case it is justified, for example when you are hit by an arrow I find it logical, but when I go backward (‘S’ key) I don’t understand why sprint stop being toggled (I understand that you cannot sprint backward though).
    And in some case I even couldn’t anticipate at all that I was going to stop running (when suddenly turning 180° with ‘W’ and ‘D’ pressed for example, I think it cancels my sprint but not sure)

    My point is that sometimes I’m confused and I don’t know if I should press again the sprint key, and when chasing someone or being chased it is very frustrating.

    How it could work :
    Nothing can automatically switch the toggle back to walking. It means whatever happens to you, if you have sprint toggled and if you press the forward key, you will run. Nevertheless, some stuff can interrupt your sprint, but as soon as possible (it has to be defined, depending on what happens to you), your character will be back on running speed.
    If I take again the example of the arrow hitting you : you’re running toward the archer, he hits you, you keep on pressing the ‘W’ key, during, let’s say, one second your character stops running, then starts to run again.

    What do you think ?

  • The current sprint implementation is the main focal point of most of profanity in chiv. I highly agree with your suggestion.

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    Nobody gives a f***?

  • I would much rather have it auto-disengage the lock when I try to attack or aim-down-sight with an archer, or dodge as an MAA. I had to turn it off because it got in the way of my ability to attack, aim, and maneuver when trying to be mobile.

  • Hi,

    I guess we have different playstyle as I don’t see how sprint being toggled could

    got in the way of my ability to attack, aim, and maneuver when trying to be mobile

    I would appreciate if you could explain more.

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