Something I noticed with pings

  • The player who has better ping is punished in this game. The better ping player can’t hit any lagging players, while the lagging players (100+) constantly skip and play normally.

    I’ve had my weapon slice right through the player but dealt no damage many times. No blood, no slice sound, no UGH, no flinching.

  • Same here. Though Im not sure it is ping related, I never checked if the guy whos head just ignored my Zweihänder had a high ping or not - but it sounds plausible.

    I hope they will add the possability for servers to setup a high ping auto kicker thingie like other games have it.

    And while we are at this topic. Pings in general are very bad compared to other PvP games, aren´t they? I rarely see Pings around 30, mostly 60+ for me.

  • Pings are fucking horrible, I’m constantly in the 100 range for the official servers and I live in the west coast…where are these servers?

  • Since pings are fine for me on pretty much all the official servers, I guess they are located in Europe? A buddy from the east coast has about 130 when playing with me so… yeah, I guess Europe.

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