Forum Chatroom

  • Have you guys ever thought about adding a forum chat room ? Things are still small but they’re nice addition if it’s free and doesn’t affect anything! Just suggesting it! and nice change in background ;p even though I still liked the other one just as much, but this is refreshing!

  • We have tried chatrooms before, but they where never a real success. One of the problems is that it is very hard to moderate a chat 24/7. But offcourse, ir there is a general demand for it, we will definitly look into it.

  • Heh true, true, well maybe in the future! Guess it wouldn’t be nearly as simple when dealing with chat in anyway ;( but i’ll try to advertise the site a little in aoc as people I believe have generally assumed you guys took down your mod website therefor not understanding a new website is up (least for the newer generation.) It’d be a cool feature but in terms hard to control! I guess when a milestone / your product releases more and more information the further your audience grows to put that poll to the test! I also think you guys should add an ingame link on the mainscreen to this website or on the steam aoc mod download, just small rightful ways to say "Hey we’re still workin hard for you guys’ :P

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