About Cheaters: Naming and shaming?

  • Im rather new to Chivalry but (serious) reports about cheaters can be seen more and more. In other communities, the so called naming and shaming is not allowed, how is it over here?

    I at least would like a well moderated thread about this issue with strict rules. If someone reports a suspect, there must be valid evidence that clearly and with no doubt can prove that the suspect is cheating. This, together with Steam ID etc. should be enough. If someone is just posting jibberish like “z0mg! Player XY is so cheating, he killz everyonez!” it should be deleted without mercy to keep the thread clean. Also, discusiions would not be allowed - same reason.

    Maybe, with this information, we can help to keep this game a little cleaner? Cheating can be a quick and ugly death to a pure PvP game… don´t let this happen! :|

    What do you guys think?

  • The problem with naming and shaming is that sometimes people get it wrong… but the person the have accused then has a stained reputation.

    This is the reason why most don’t allow it.

  • Exactly. Thats why there must be strict rules about evidence and such. It has to be 100% clear and obvious. Only then actions are legit. Examples are speedhacks or something like that.

  • I agree, knowing the guidelines will allow the community to go about a formal process of reporting suspected cheaters. I’m not sure if the dev’s considered if this would be an issue for their game and perhaps didn’t have a plan in place for the occurrence of cheating hence not much direction on reporting.

  • I will await an official stance on this from TBS. The problem is such accusations are difficult to prove. Not only would I only accept video evidence of clearly unintended behavior (nothing that could be attributed purely to ping or something), there would first have to be a way for the average user to pull someone’s net ID, as just showing someone with a certain display name hacking is not proof of anything - it could be someone impersonating another player, or even a set up (we all know some people are dickish enough to do it). Currently only admins can use the console command that displays net ID.

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