Cannot load the game

  • Hello,

    So I recently purchased the game off of Steam, downloaded and installed it. When I clicked it to launch for the first time, it displayed the “First time setup” process and then the picture that looks like this, when it displays that picture… after a second or so, I hear one of those error sounds in the background. When I go into Task Manager to close the crashed program, it’s called “UnSetup.exe - Fatal Error”. I’ve ran tons of scans on my computer, verified the game cache, re-installed the game - but still nothing. AoC was one of my favorite games so i’m desperately trying to play this game. :\


  • Edit: Fixed the issue. If you have the same issue where you can’t even load the game and get the UDK.exe error when starting up, the way to fix that is to make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed. If you already have that installed and it still isn’t working, then you need to download this here … x?id=30135. It’ll fix and repair the Framework. After doing so, verify your game cache and start the game, it should work as it did for me. ;)

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