All servers empty when i join

  • when browsing for a server ive tried to join a few of them, it says in the server list there are players but when i join a server they are all empty. Fix?

  • That’s a known bug. Sometimes it show servers as full, when they are not. However when you say all, who many did you try?

  • Hey, I had the same problem that you’re having! When I join a game it said there were like half or more players or full game, but ingame it was like only 5-6 players. I think it was only the official servers, but I’ve yet to try out the other servers. :/

  • i tried about 10 servers. I restarted my game and a few servers were still lying about members but i found one that was populated.

  • Yeah, its very annoying, and turning on the filter option to not see empty server doesn’t help much, some do go away but some don’t.

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