BOTS and Fire… arrows?

  • Just playing a BOT game to see what its like, and for some reason the archers shoot fire arrows?
    It’s not a texture bug, as you can see it DOES light you on fire, and it creates a stream of fire when shot through the air. Only occurs when the bow is used, NOT the crossbow.

    I haven’t the faintest what the purpose of it is, but all I know is…

    I want them.

    (If it has something to do with the map at all, it was on arena, Last Team standing.)

  • I know there exist fire arrows, you can see them in the wiki. They’re meant to be a third choice of arrows (Bodkin, Broadhead, Fire), but I don’t think they’re implemented yet in the actual game itself. The reason why bots can use them is simply because bots have acces to weapon combinations a player does not. For example, a Vanguard bot could use a Knight’s kite shield.

  • yea i was actually wondering about that, anyone got any idea when they’ll be available?

  • I had actually JUST seen that tonight and was going to come make a post about it. I wonder what other goodies the bots have that we don’t…?

    Aside from the ones already mentioned, of course.

  • @SlyGoat:

    I’m not sure what will happen in regards to flaming arrows, but I believe the idea of having them as a base weapon was scrapped for one reason or another (hence why they’re in the game but not usable) - I suspect they’ll be available only in certain areas on certain maps. I could be wrong though.

    Flail & several other new weapons are in the works.

  • @Metrocop:

    Flail & several other new weapons are in the works.


  • Cant wait for the content update

  • Wouldn’t the fire arrows make some TO maps a little too easy. Like burning the village from your own spawn.

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