Weapon Discussion: Double Axe

  • Hi all! I would like to discuss the pros and cons of the double axe, and how it should be used. It is one of the harder weapons if not the hardest to use, with slow speed and laughable reach. Anyone have tips on the strategy/method to play using it?

  • Face-hug and feint.

  • Pro tip: Hit them in the face.

    Honestly, its the worst weapon in the game. If it was up to me I would completely redesign it from the ground up, 3D model and all.

  • The model would be the only thing I would list on the pro side^^

    Strategy to win with this thing? Be muuuuch better than your opponent^^….to be honest it’s quite useless and is in dire need of a BIG buff.

  • lol … the maul is better in every aspect in my opinion … lol i have never seen anybody use the doubleaxe except to unlock the next weapon … it seriously needs ajustements, well im pretty sure that somewhere someone is really good with it but damn , as you said , slow speed and laughable reach , and the damage is not strong enough to justify these low stats …

    well the only good way to use it is overhead overhead overhead!..

  • It needs at least a damage boost!
    The double axe 2nd tier has the same damage as him and much much more reach!
    The only reason it is still being used is to unlock the other weapons.

  • I actually find it a really nice weapon, I prefer it to the two that come after it. The stats might reveal that’s just me though.

  • No reason to use it over the maul. Comparable speed, but maul has better damage and range (I believe).

  • it needs a damage buff undoubtable.

    I’ve hit people 2-3 times and they havent died with horizontal strikes. Why even bother using it? It’s too slow and its got too low reach. Anythings better.

    Give it an extra 10 points of damage and i’d consider it.

    Poleaxe has much longer reach, seems to swing faster (but dont quote me on it) and it only sacrafices 2-3 points of damage so why not use pole-axe over it every time?

  • Right now the double-axes’s only purpose is to exist so you can get the 25 kills required to unlock the pole axe, which is the only good knight axe right now (and mostly because it isn’t really an axe, it’s a blunt/stab weapon primarily).

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