Horses and mount Combat

  • The first thing I must say is that I realy like this game and I want to give idea about making it better. This first idea if anyone hadn’t thought about it concerns Horses - Mounts. My idea is that there will be horses or other for the players to mount. Therefore the idea is either that the horses will spawn at certain spaces at certain maps or that the player as a special item will be able to choose a horse.

    The players will be able to fight while on horses . The horses will have health too. In case someone spints with a horse to an other player on a horse if he hits the player he will be able to take him down from his horse.
    The horse will deal damage if it tramples someone.

    Hope you like my idea. :D

  • Thanks to someone I was informed that there will be no horses or mount combat according the Devs.

  • I love horses and Knights mostly fought on horseback (when it comes to history) but I honestly don´t miss horses in Chivalry. The maps are simplay not made for horses and in most cases, it would look dumb. On top of that I would demand a top notch riding system and animations - and since this is very hard to do, I rather go without horses here.

    Just look at War of the Roses… omg is riding stupid over there… :?

  • No.

  • Josephkhland, I agree (and I believe the developers do as well) that mounted combat would be great to see in a game like Chivalry - but unfortunately it wouldn’t work in Chivalry. I think the decision to not include horses was made early on for a few reasons; budget and time constraints likely being the biggest.

    Basically, to do horses right would take a huge amount of work, and they’d definitely have to be included in the base game and not just added on later, otherwise their mechanics would probably not be well integrated or balanced with foot combat, not to mention all of the maps are made for foot combat, so just dumping horses in there would mess everything up. If TBS had decided their game was going to have horses, we probably wouldn’t have seen it released for at least another year, which might not have been a feasible plan for them economically, since they were putting everything into developing the game already - they likely wouldn’t have had the funds to go on another year.

    So, unfortunately, Chivalry will never see horses. Chivalry’s been very successful so far, though, and if there’s ever a Chivalry 2 down the line I think TBS will be in a much better position to include mounted combat and a slew of other cool mechanics that just weren’t feasible to include in Chivalry.

  • The maps arent designed for them, otherwise it could be doable.

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