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  • Hey folks I’m kinda new but npt tp the game…. Anyways after seeing the videos I thought wow that looks great but, when the guys would walk on the sand it wouldn’t do anything. So how about if you parry or block when on sand, gravel, or any generally unstable ground, it digs you in when you take a hit, or block one. It could also have blood trails, I mean if you get stabbed or sliced your gonna bleed so where does the blood go? Also will Horseback combat be possible? Will there possibley be BOTS and a campaign? Another idea of mine is, make the battles MASSIVE I don’t wanna see 4 or 5 guys fighting eachother I wanna see a massive attacks with volleys of arrows, and compitent BOTS attacking or holding off the enemy with ballistas or catapaults! A scout class would be cool where they wear little to no armour but can run fast, and only carry daggers and throwables. For general objective purposes I mean getting a big clunky knight to do something fast, other than killing is excruciating… Armoured horses, flamable arrows, and perhaps a Bishop class, like an officer in charge who can command a volley of arrows, not manually justby setting a target or point… Signal arrow would work! Now one other idea before the programmers kill me, Throwing sand or dirt into your oppnents eyes! It’s dirty but effective! Anyways thank you for reading, I appreciate how involved the programmers are with the forums! It’s rare to see… Trust me.

  • Depends what you mean by massive battles as, by doing so (100+ in people in a server) you’re compensating that for something else, yes it would be cool to see that many players in a server, hell maybe some servers will increase their limit that far if possible but I believe they want Chivalry:MW to be a more intensive game on the hand to hand combat with great graphics and actual physics potentially and then when you look at your theory (basically M&B) they sacrifice graphics / environment / castles / decals / animation / particles just to get it a high player base in a server to run at an average speed, also if they have decided that they want medium amounts (50-40ish and could be generous I don’t know since I don’t make the game) Then many of their maps will be configured/spaced for a different amount of people

    However I do agree in a way to allow servers increases their cap to 100 or more just to test it out. And people could just make their own maps for that many people
    As for the rest like commanding volleys of arrows, well you can do that already with player co-operation and audio commands just like “Volley” they have alot of audio commands / taunts / laughs / etc just to help the player communicate :) if that’s what you mean

    As my Suggestion I would like to see a system to charge up arrows in a way to make it so you could shoot over walls, and just overall increase the arc if charged too little, I think it would be neat :), as it would make people volley a bit more and it would deem more potential for the class and fun flexibility.
    That’s all I have to say for the time being.

  • Sounds to me like you want to play mount and blade.

  • @nedsat:

    Sounds to me like you want to play mount and blade.


  • anyone remember how good lotr conquest was at epic battles??..…thought not.

    but actually those animated duel fight sequences it had in areas of a map you couldn’t actually reach (behind a wall of debris in another section of castlke wall or past an invisble wall/skybox) did make it appear as if your fight was part of something bigger. just a couple of duel scenery props and perhaps a banner bearer model that stands an waves his flag forward on a loop would be intresting to see, even if it is just to allow custom maps greater variability

  • I completely agree with you there, those we’re quite cool and very optimized as they didn’t affect computers much. only short comings were it was directed toward an average computer user at the time (so dynamic graphics for those skybox fights ((i guess lol)) were easy to see the faulties if focused on but even then it was more than acceptable and fun to see) :)

    I wouldn’t agree to the point that it blocked open fields to not be accessible, unless it really needed to or was a short objective there because that detracts from the feeling of flexibility of the game… so what I’m trying to say is incorporate those ambiance environmental fights in a more fashionable manor, a little more subtle in a sense.

    For example if you were to siege a castle you would not want to put those low quality fights near the attackers, however once infiltrated, you could spawn those low quality animations outside the castle (less its like monastery) as to add to the feel of an intense battle with reinforcements for every time you spawn.

    Now that’s just a suggestion and probably wouldn’t fit every map but if you had the time I would definitely add those scenes in…if not for your maps then for custom maps :)

    Also I did enjoy those full poly models like in the AoC map Galadan, they added a feeling of what I’m actually protecting more so than like a door or horn. Maybe if he had a smart AI added to him it’d be even cooler :) as that could be applied to more than one setting almost anywhere, a leader in an open field of combat, a group of AI soldiers in defensive formation around a caravan and return to it after x amount of feet away, subtle characteristics of what objectives one should look out for and have a feeling for more so than a non-interactive sitting model, or wagon
    And I’m not discrediting your pursued efforts of AoC as the act of carrying objects was the exact same interactivity I’ve been talking about in the last paragraph and it was a great addition :)!

  • haha i’m sure the combat animations would be better than conquest where two models randomly flailed at each other. anyways if they did add them i can of several map ideas i could make based around them :D

  • we need a barrel roll for light classes.

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