Special moves and Knockdown

  • I got this idea while thinking about players getting knocked down if they are hitted with a kind of attack with a certain weapon for example if an overhead with a Warhammer hits you and you don’t die you should have some penalty (think of reality) Then the player that is up will be able to coup de grace the fallen opponent to finish him or spare him. Of Course if this is to happen then knockdowns should count in the leaderboard.
    Now about special moves. The idea is that when players have a weapon and have made lot of kills with it (or knockdowns) he will unlock special moves for it. For example With a Shamshir you will be able to make a 3 slash attack (in random directions each) in extreme speeding. An optional addition to this idea is that each weapon- type of weapon will have lots of special attacks to unlock.
    Second example for special attack ( for Claymore) back piercing, you get your sword under your shoulder and you stab the man behind you… There are surely other special moves that can exist in the game

    Hope you like my idea and please comment!!! :)

  • How about …Headknock?

  • Headknock I don’t personally think is a SPECIAL move but it can be added anyway or it can be a part of a special move like this one:

    • Block and headknock (fi successful block )

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