Guilds and conquest mode

  • What is the following idea about: Conquest mode and Guilds.

    Conquest mode: I mean that players will join a guild and then with the guild they will attack territories owned by another guild in order to conquer them. Each conquest mode will be a War between two guilds that will dure for days . Guild leaders will be able to choose which territory their guild will attack and when ( when there are more players for the guild to battle for example) to attack an enemy . When a guild leader gets offline the war will be paused until both leaders will be in again, except if the leader has appointed someone else to be a leader while he is online.

    What will guilds be : Players and friends will be able to create a guild , make its banner , flag , choose its name…. Each guild will have a keep. The guild members will gather money and other staf through the battles won in conquest mode.The members will keep for them the other staf* and will give to the guild automatically the money.
    There the guild leader or anyone that he has appointed will be able to spend that money to upgrade the keep, make it bigger , more protected and mechanisms areas and so. There players of the same guild will be able to craft weapons* ,train with others .In addition if the keep has a special object players will be able to trade their items on it.

    OPTIONAL Craft Weapons - items: By the mean crafting weapons I mean that players will be able to craft while in the keep , weapons to use the battles . That may also be followed by a certain ammount of weapons available to players at the conquest battles . In each conquest battle the weapons available will be limited and they will have a basic number to start at each fight.
    When a player take a weapon he removes it from the battle limit of weapons of that type. when he dies he must take another weapon ,or find a weapon on the ground in the battleground ( This is not a part of the game yet). SO players will be able to craft at the keep weapons( with the staff he had collected in the battles) to increase the limit of each weapon for a battle . The extra weapons not used will be sold and the guild will get more gold to upgrade their keep.

    Keeps will be very important: Because in conquest mode the winner will be the guild who conquers the other guild’s keep. WHEN A GUILD CAPTURES A KEEP IT will get its value in gold and + will get the money of winning the war. When a guilds loses , it will be destroyed or restarted from the beginning the choice will be give to the guild leader.

    When the war will be paused players will be able to enter the keep of their own guild and do anything in the keep.

    _OPTIONAL_There will be a guild leaderboard too

    I know this is a very complicated idea and introduces a new game but don’t you think it is a good one.

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