This game kills my internet connection

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    I’m having some serious issues with the game, a lot of the time it completely kills my internet connection. I’ll be able to join a game maybe but pretty soon my connection just stops and has to be reset. Once it does work it pretty much stays working, but it normally happens perhaps three or four time before I get any joy. Not sure if there’s anything that can be done to fix this but I thought I might as well raise the issue anyway.

  • Just bumping this, anyone have any idea what might be causing it?

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    I thought it was just my connection playing up. But it only ever happens, not all the time mind you, but only when i play Chivalry. Everything will be running fine, then BAM I lose connection to find my whole internet connection has reset.

    DEVS, I know of one other game in history where this happened. But never actually found out why. Any ideas?

    (Yes i know it sounds like a very far fetched story, but everything is fine, until chivalry is played)

  • … -YUOC-6922

    Likely very much related. I have experienced this issue in Chivalry when refreshing the server list multiple times, router gets flooded - and I have a pretty good router. Hopefully this will be resolved for people who experience it often in the next patch, which will bring an entirely new server browser.

  • So its just a query overload?

  • The page SlyGoat linked is right unfortunately, you may be able to force your router to limit the number of queries so it doesn’t overload, but this is entirely dependent on the manufacturer and model so you’ll have to find out if you can do this yourself. If the router is old, it may not have sufficient capability to handle so many requests simultaneously whereas newer, and more expensive routers can handle a lot more requests and so you’ll never have an issue like this.

    I’ve also experienced this myself with Company of Heroes with an old Belkin router, replaced with a newer model and the issue never happened again.

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