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  • I sense an impending life-and-death internet battle over alpha keys of unparalleled fury!

    Too bad I don’t really have a schedule that fits alpha testing, otherwise I would’ve applied. :<

  • @dragonfury:

    Too bad I don’t really have a schedule that fits alpha testing, otherwise I would’ve applied. :<

    This. I wanted to apply a couple of months ago, but I wouldnt have been able to attend the tests, so I finally didn´t.

  • @Martin:

    Please note: This is not a paid position.

    So wait, who’s paying YOU? :P

  • Would love to, but seeing as I can’t promise a schedule completely right now, I may miss one or two, in which would be too much of a let down :( Oh wells good luck! As long as I see content from you guys i’m much more than satisfied butttt :D would love to see some more of your environments and siege models! Maybe i’ll apply in a later time or fix a few schedule loops!

  • We understand if there are some weeks where people can’t make tests, this is not a problem whatsoever and is completely understandable. All we ask is that you let us know beforehand if you think you can’t make it so that we don’t think you’ve disappeared completely. What was meant is that if you know you can never make a Sunday because you have something pre-planned for that date and time every single week, then it is a little bit pointless in applying.

  • Ah okay, that’s better :), I’ll think about it today, however my graphics card doesn’t work till dell comes and replaces it around next week, so will there be a test this upcoming sunday, I guess that would be a big deciding factor as I would not want to start off on a bad foot :P

  • The next test is on the 21st.

  • Okay, Thank you for the fast replies, I’ll see what would be the best decision for me, today!

  • Greetings, dear developers.

    I would love to participate.

    My greatest passion (besides my lady) and hobby in life is medieval-full-contact combat with weapons of all sorts in armour of all kinds.

    I could give you insight on how things feel and work in actual combat, as well as suggest how to make the combat the most realistic (and still fun) experience. What is missing… what is great… what could be improved, what just doesn’t feel right.

    I’m very passionate about melee combat in video games, due to my hobby and I’d love to help you make this game the best combat experience there is.

    I’m gmt+1, but I could definately arrange time for the playtests and feedback sessions.

    Knightly greetings,
    Elric von Rabenfels

  • Hmm… Too bad I’m really unsure about my schedule the coming few months. I’m really diving into the deep here, moving to a completely different city to study in a university with people I don’t know yet.

    Hmm… what if I ask if I could become alpha (Or beta by the time) tester somewhere later, say, in october/november, when I’ll have settled in and know my schedule?

    Me ? you long time


  • email sent
    :) waiting excited for a reply

  • Topic closed, and left to die now.

    Thanks for the applications.

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