More indepth siege level

  • I’m thinkin we need more awesome castle sieges. I love the ones already in, but the next ones should be even better.

    First off, i’d like to say, the map where you gotta torch the barns, then move in with the bomb cart, should be expanded on. Theres a huge city behind those walls, and there should be a fight up through the streets to another final (or even 2 more) objectives.

    Now, for a new map.

    I think a cool idea would be to make a huge castle with castle walls, and you gotta bring ladders or push a siege tower to the walls and climb up, then you gotta fight up onto the walls, and across the walls to either open the gate or make your way down a tower to the inner area of the castle. Maybe then you gotta open the gate and get a battering ram across and open up the actual castle itself and storm the king. The whole time people are pouring down oil and raining on you with arrows/siege weapons ect.

  • the ideal of a map after “battleground” would be awesome! and the final objective would be like in stoneshill but this time agatha need to kill the mason comander!

    but before making those i would like TBS to remake all the old maps from AOC ( specialy theshore and monastery! )

  • I would definitely love this, and I’m pretty sure something like this is in Mount and Blade already, right?

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