My FPS sucks? help?

  • Hey guys so i can run games like BF3 and borderlands on near ultra, yet i have to run chivalry on the absolute minimum to scratch 20?! Whats going on any help?
    i7 2670
    6GB DDR3
    2GB nividia GT 550

  • Been struggling with the same question for quite some time now…

  • Same thing happend to me before i upgraded my cpu to a 3570k

  • It’s really subjective on what map I’m playing on. Usually I’m at around 50-60, sometimes at a constant 60, but other maps will dip down into 30-40…Regardless of what resolution I run it on…Really annoying, optimization is definitely needed

  • I just want to add that i upgraded my ram from 4GB to 8GB and my fps is more stable. Also, use a program called “gamebooster” it should add an extra few

    Tip: get the 1600mhz ram, I chose 1333 mistakes.

  • Try updating your NVidia drivers there were some major bugs fixed in the latest driver version. The only difference from my machine to yours is Ram. Ddr3 is super cheap and well worth the upgrade. You can get 8gigs for like 30 bucks. Im Running 16gb. I run all the settings on max and get 50+ fps constant.

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