List Of Hackers

  • Idea credit to SlyGoat.
    Can we get everybody who witnesses hackers and has proof that they’re actually hacking to post the steam ID’s and proof here? This way non official server owners can prematurely rid their servers as all threats, and also give TornBanner a pretty good idea of notorious hackers in the community, thanks guys!

  • Additional note to server admins - using the Admin GetInfo command will give you a player’s net ID so that you can pass that on to other server operators to add to their ban lists, as currently I don’t think there’s a way to directly convert a steam ID into the net ID that UE3 uses (though the two are somehow related).

  • This may or may not be correct, I literally just did a 30 second search on it, but apparently, this is how they are converted (this is not a verified method!):

    1. Use one of the many Steam Id converters to turn their community profile into a steam ID
      Like the STEAM ID FINDER (

    Player1 - converts to STEAM_0:1:34118135
    Player2 - converts to STEAM_0:0:27970114
    Player3 - converts to STEAM_0:1:24630640

    1. Take the number after the second colon and multiply it by 2.
      Player1 - 34118135 * 2 = 68236270
      Player2 - 27970114 * 2 = 55940228
      Player3 - 24630640 * 2 = 49261280

    2. Add to this the 0 or 1 between the two colons in the Steam Id.
      Player1 - 68236270 + 1 = 68236271
      Player2 - 55940228 + 0 = 55940228
      Player3 - 49261280 + 1 = 49261281

    3. Convert this number to an 8 digit hex number. I use windows calculator in programmer mode for this, but there are tons of websites that’ll do simple conversions.
      Player1 - 68236271 -> 041133EF
      Player2 - 55940228 -> 03559484
      Player3 - 49261281 -> 02EFAAE1

    4. Append the number to 0x01100001
      Player1 - 0x01100001041133EF
      Player2 - 0x0110000103559484
      Player3 - 0x0110000102EFAAE1

    I might give this a try later, but for now, please member this method of conversion is not verified.

  • People have called me a hacker… I think some guidelines would be nice, to avoid false bans ;)

  • The guideline is that it requires solid proof in form of a video, which shows hacking (and not just lagging/warping). Screenshots and just writing it shouldn’t be enough. Also server admins saying that they banned something and not showing proof shouldn’t be enough.
    There are still some freezes happening that makes most players warp during playing and then there is really laggy people who cannot be hit or hit you even with direct hits.
    This needs to be handled delicately to prevent ALL false positives.

  • Alright, just to add to my previous post, that is a confirmed way of converting Steam IDs to Net IDs, however, this way will not hurt your brains:

    Get the “SteamID64”, convert to hex using this.

    As for methods of reporting cheaters/hackers, we will announce this in due course.

  • Great idea.

    @Tree0ctopus I would edit your initial post and clearly state what is required as “proof”. To stop people posting omg player"xyz" is a haxor, ban him.

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