Auto-balance needs tweaking

  • Hi there,

    Firstly thank you very much for the excellent game Torn Banner studios. I put many hours into AoC and i’m very happy to now financially support your endeavours.

    This post summarises my thoughts on the introduction of auto-balance to the Official servers and how it now adversely affecting the matches.

    • Matching team numbers +
      Ok this is definitely an improvement to the matches. It means you don’t get players stacking defence for easy kills, etc. Is certainly a reason to keep autobalance.
    • Matching team skill -
      I for one think this is something that autobalance should not interfere with, for three reasons:
      (1) If I spend 10 minutes of concentrated effort working with my team mates to successfully progress an objective, to then be switched what seems arbitrarily to the other team is quite frustrating.
      (2) If i have been killing blue for 10 minutes I might become confused and ended up team hitting after the instant switch :(
      (3) The autobalance seems to trigger on a periodic cycle and so every few minutes or so which is silly if the game has been going for a few mins and the scoreboard is already being balanced.
    • How to improve auto-balance +
      (1) Keep it as a means of balancing player numbers only, and;
      (2) Team switching should happen to the most recently entered into the server, i.e. the last one to join should be moved to the other teams if they become unfair after a certain period of time.

    Ok thanks for your time. I will edit to summarise others opinions also.

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