Armory Mode

  • This is a proposal for a mode modeled after Counter Strike. It changes a lot of the rules of the game, but should be adaptable to current modes like Team Objective. Obviously none of this is set in stone, but I’d like to keep this top post updated to what is going on in this thread.

    The mode is called Armory mode.

    In the beginning of each round players accrue an amount of gold to purchase equipment from the starting area. As each round is played, players earn honor for killing, assisting a kill, or completing an objective. Just like in Counter Strike, players that die during the round lose their equipment which can be picked up by any other player. At the end of each round honor is converted into gold, and the next round starts.

    No one has a starting class in this mode. Your role in this mode is determined by the gear you purchase. Players start with the lightest armor, move quickly, and can dodge at normal costs. Piercing attacks do double damage from behind. As players purchase heavier weapons and armor, dodge costs more and travels less. Heavier armors give bonus damage to dash attacks, but the heaviest armor will make accelerating to that speed take much longer.

    I am being purposefully vague and not stating things like “light, medium, heavy” to attach one to one to the current system. I’d like the current system to be the model after which the best gear fits, but I’d like there to be a lot of variation and experimentation. For example, maybe there could be an armor that is even lighter than the lightest armor and is good for scouting to a well organized team. I know that Medieval groups didn’t have headsets connected to each other, but we can’t get around Mumble and other types of teamspeak.

    Alright! There it is! Tear it up! Let’s see what you guys come up with.

  • saving this spot just in case.

  • My vote is AGAINST.

    inquisitor, inquisitor - there’s a heresy here!

    Isnt it kinds obvious that ALL WEAPONS must be EQUAL!!!
    If it’s not - rebalansing needed.

    Another stupid way to make people take weapons they do not like to play with and reduce actual time when people can enjoy mastering their own playstyle!

  • Why not make it as a mod yourself and see if it catches on? You would be using all of the standard art assets, so you just have to do some coding. Maybe some UI work, but that’s light graphical work. If people like it, then explore custom armor model pieces, etc.

  • I don’t really know how I’d even begin to start doing a mod…

  • So, Mount&Blade basically ^^

  • Isn’t mount & blade supposed to be good? I played the first one, but it looked like rubbish and the third person view made it even worse.

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