Removing or scaling down chat window

  • Let me start off by saying i love this game but the optimization is terrible so im forced to play at a lower resolution, which i don’t mind. But what i do mind is the chat window engulfing my entire screen. Now i figure there must some way to remove or change the size of the window in the config folder, and im hoping somebody can help me.

  • honestly no body? somebody must know which value to edit

  • I also wonder about this…

  • You can open the console (with ~) and type “togglehud” to remove the entire hud. But that removes everything: the chat, your life/stamina bars, the objectives, the kills, the scoreboard.

    It’s a terrible solution, really, but it’s how I have to play at 640x480. Every time I die, I’ll open the console, toggle the hud, TAB to view my score, and then toggle the hud off again.

    I haven’t seen any other solutions unfortunately. Maybe someone else can weigh in.

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