Getting more laggy than before!

  • I don’t know what is the cause but since the last patch, it seems server lag more than usual, it’s getting harder and harder to find a server with a ping below 100!

    Right now, if your ping is about 100, you can pretty much forget about fighting in the game.
    Servers also seem to crash allot more since release, i barely had lag in the beta, but now its allot more.

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  • I’m starting to have a similiar problem, usually in my group we have about the same ping, but suddenly I always end up at around ~100 ping on servers that I usually had a 30-50 ping.

    I wonder if somethings wrong with the Server-hosting atm or if there’s some other problem, even on my end. But any other game works fine, same pings as usual.

    Since I haven’t changed anything, I hope it’s just a temporary problem. It started about 3 days ago for me.

  • Maybe hurricane Sandy could be a cause, but i already had issues long before sandy.

  • i almost always play with ping 85-110. it’s not that bad.

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