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  • Hi, i’m really interested to buy that game, but i don’t understand if i need a sort of monthly payment to play it, or i need to buy only the game from steam?
    Also i found 2 buyable object in steam page:
    first is “Chivalry: medieval Warfare” and the second is “Chivalry: medieval Warfare 4-pack”. So i wonder what’s the difference between these “objects”?
    I’m sorry for any mistakes, i hope you understand my questions, my english isn’t really good :P
    I’m waiting for your answer, good game and bye bye to all community :D

  • You do not need to pay a monthly fee. You just need to pay once.

    The 4 pack gets you 4 copies of the game for the price of 3. Great if you and 3 other friends plan on buying it.

  • The game requires no monthly payment, it is a single purchase and you can buy it from steam. The 4-pack allows you to purchase 4 copies in a single purchase for cheaper than what 4 separate copies would cost you, so this is a great option for groups of friends.

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  • Hey Mate,

    As far as I’m aware it’s only a one time purchase, so no monthly payments.

    The four-pack is literally that, a four-pack of the game at a discounted price. This is so that you can purchase the pack and share it among friends if you are so inclined.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Oh really fast answer!! And i reply with really fast thanks! :D
    Tomorrow i’ll buy the game!! :D

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