Training partners

  • Looking for duelists and training partners.

    If you enjoy experimentation, and having solid, continuous practice, post your steam name here, or add me, Jest.

    Little background on myself - I’m passionate about all things melee. Started off with the likes of Street Fighter and Jedi Knight in the 90s. I was the first player to hit rank 40. I want to improve my game, and help you improve yours.

  • i always look for somone to play with to increase my skill :]

    my steam nick: Maciokoki6

    i am from EU… this can be problem if you are from US

  • I’m US, but maybe you’ll find an EU partner in this thread :]

  • I’m fairly new at the game, but I’m really interested in improving my strategies and dueling with others to get better. Trial by fire is the only way to go.

    I started as a wee about 20 years ago on fighters and RTS. Eventually worked my way into FPS with Goldeneye and Wolfenstein. I’m liking the more melee routes I’ve been taking, lately.

    My steam nick is chihirojunai, I’m on the west coast, and I usually play between 7-11pm for an hour or two at a time between work.

  • You can add me as well, Pilgore is my Steam name, I’ll add you Jest.

  • you can add me my id steam is : purgatory1676 im looking for to see you

  • Anybody can feel free to add me also. I’m probably about average and definitely looking to improve my game.

    Steam ID: trente2011

  • Can always do with more training partners add me [IO] Ser Hilarious Ransoms

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