Level playing field design

  • Cosmetic unlocks are great. I think you will find that people who are buying this game expect a certain amount of simplicity in the game play because that makes it more fun.

    I also think it would be wise to avoid creating unlocks for dynamic systems that change the baseline capabilities during play (earned powerups) because there will be to many players who exploit those systems to dominate the game and it will be a huge turn-off for everyone else.

    In that same vein people are usually receptive to things like weapon unlocks, but it should be mostly for fun, sort of the same way it is in BF: BC2. Many people with all of the unlocks frequently choose the beginning weapons because they are just as good or better if used correctly (very important element!).

    Finally, the unforgivable sin of game design: Charging money for better capabilities which affect game play. Here again if it is purely cosmetic and optional that is one thing. If it is required to compete people will leave in droves and never pay it, effectively destroying the game and the title franchise.

    In a nutshell, in-game capabilities should be linear during play and availabe to everyone.

    From what I have read, you guys are already doing a great job. Thanks

  • We’ll not be having any form of unlock which is a direct upgrade from another weapon, i.e “Longer Broadsword”, “Stronger Longbow” or that kind of thing; I can rule that out straight away. Similarly, we’ll not be charging for any kind of powerup or perk which provides advantages.

    We do however, plan on incorporating a Trait system, which has no bearing on gameplay whatsoever, and will effectively ‘describe’ your play style. There are other topics on the forum which discuss this along with a couple of examples. There are also some topics which discuss some elements of the unlock system, however, we can’t comment on it too much yet because it hasn’t been finalised. More information on these will be discussed at a later date, possibly in developer blogs.

  • I will be following the blogs intently!

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