My Game goes so slow

  • Hello everyone!

    First of all I want to aplogize if my english is not pretty good, 'cause it is not my first language.

    I expose my problem: My computer is four years old, but for me it is still a good computer, it runs me all the games in high graphics and with fluency, I can run even BF3 with high graphics and works more or less good.

    A couple of days ago I bought this game Chivalry, I was so excited about playing it but now… surprise! The game goes so slow, I tryed to change graphics, lots of times, finally I put them all in Low, the game works a kinda better but it’s still impossible to play properly, when I move the mouse fast the FPS fall down, and combat properly it’s impossible, the game has incredible FPS falls, and always happens de same I enter in combat I make one attack the game freezes for a second and the enemy kills me as he wants. In the training field I have the same problem, Is when the game works better but it still goes slow sometimes.

    I tried to play in the servers with the lowest ping, with only a few players, as I said I put down the graphics to the minimum, and nothing works…

    Anyone around here knows how to fix it? Is the game that is bad optimized? There is some pach that i missed?

    My computer:

    -Interl Core 2 Quad Q9300 @2.55 MHz
    -4 GB Ram DDR2
    -Nvidia GeForce GTX260 896MB
    -Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    -1.5 TB of HDD
    I think that it fits in the minimum requeriments…

    I’m not going to this loner.
    Thanks in advance

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