Pick up kits

  • There could be times when it would be helpful to pick up a fallen players weapon or kit. If you are playing last man standing and there are only a few of the same class left you could pick up the gear of someone else. Not sure if you would just pick up the weapon or change to the corresponding armor too. It could require kneeling at the corpse for a good 5 - 10 seconds to swap and you’re exposed.

  • Having played several of the Battlefield games from BF 1942 to today, this sounds like it would be a neat feature. It would be interesting to switch out your kit for one with more or less armor, damage, speed, etc. I feel that you’d have to pick up the corresponding armor for balance’s sake; could you imagine a man at arms dashing around with a warhammer?

  • Yes, I also play the Battlefield series, which is where this idea came from. I realize you would most likely have to pick up armor to keep it balanced. That is why I suggested the “kneeling time” to equip the outfit. Doesn’t make sense to switch weapons and armor instantly while on the run just by clicking a button on a corpse. You could use the same cancel key (‘Q’ by default) to back out of it if you see someone coming, and obviously you would still have your original kit.

  • There are a lot of balance reasons for this not being in the game. Certain characters with certain weapons would simply be indestructible. If anything, if at all, it would have to be a class changing thing, in which you would essentially become that person completely.

  • I agree. That’s what I meant by picking up the weapons and armor. It would actually just be switching you to their class and whatever gear they were carrying.

  • At first, this might look like a good idea. But if you imagien it ingame. Hell, please no.

    I would hate seeing a heavy Knight looking down on a MAAs corpse and woosh! suddenly he transforms into a Man-at-arms… oh no, please no… :|

  • Well it would not be instantaneous. I see what you mean about 1 second looks like this class and the next he changes over. Ideally it could show animation of him rummaging through the corpse and armor pieces appear on you one at a time. I realize this might not be possible dependent on how the game is designed, armor pieces are not independent objects.

  • Yeah, this would be veeery unlikely. On top of that, I already know some idiots would waste precious time to kill/reach objectives with changing class all the time… God I would go on a TK rage, really.

    You know, just because BF has it… Chivalry does not need to copy it. It is good how it is. You are what you are. If you want to change the class - die.

    This also has a tactical side. What does my team need at the moment? Do we need 5 fucking archers while there is 1min left to ram the gates in?

    Same goes for Perks, killstreaks and special abilities and all that crap. Chivalry is fine how it is. There is not always need for this fancy stuff that makes the kids happy.

    Everyone has the same chances - it is up to you what you make out of it!

    That´s what I like about Chivalry…

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