Hitting through a parry/block

  • I’ve been on both the delivering and receiving end of this issue.

    Both attacker and defender will hear the ‘block’ sound effect, yet the attack will still deal full damage to the defender.

    It’s a very rare occurrence, so I don’t expect everyone to have encountered it.
    It doesn’t seem to be related to any particular weapon/shield combination.

    How many others have seen this happen?
    Feature or bug?

  • As a matter of fact, I’ve witnessed both sides to this too and a couple of others have mentioned it to me as well and I’ve just remembered something else that was told to me also. This is most definitely a bug, probably another one associated with lag or something. I’ll add it to the list before I forget.

  • Have encountered this; it’s annoying when it happens, but isn’t common enough to be a nuisance. Glad it’s on the fixlist though.

  • I think a big part of this is the fact that your first and third person models are not synced, so when it looks like you are looking one way your character is looking another. This is a big problem with shields as if they were not useless enough already. There are plenty of times when you are getting circled and you block a spear straight on yet it goes through. Also note that it may actually be sometimes impossible to block overhands and reach-around strikes with some weapons. For example most shields actually cannot block the halberd overhand when you are really close. I’ve tested this and even when crouched and looking straight up I rarely was able to block overhands with those types of weapons. Same thing can happen with horizontal swings depending on where you stand. If you want to consistently block hits look directly at the striking part of the weapon ESPECIALLY against axes and backpeddal, preferably straight back and not sideways.

  • Are you out of stamina? When I’m out of stamina, attacks almost always go through my block/parry.

  • In 85 hours, this has only happened to me once. It seems very rare indeed, but does happen.

  • The only times I’ve experienced this it’s been against someone with 150+ ping.

  • I’ve seen this done, but it was me doing it. And I clearly aimed low to avoid their block, but it made the sound anyways. I think it’s bugged so it sounds like a block but it really isn’t. As opposed to the other way around. Just my observations.

  • Happened to me a few times today actually. I kept hearing the sound and was clearly looking at their weapon but still got hit. I think it’s just lag tho :/

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