• Here’s some of my tactical advice for new players.

    -This game is about fighting dirty. So team up, and try to always go many against one. Don’t feel bad about stealing kills. It’s unavoidable. Every killed enemy helps the team, doesn’t matter who gets the kill.

    • Again, fight dirty. Scope for enemies who are fighting someone else, rush them from behind or side and aim for the head with high strike.

    • NEVER use side swing when there’s teammates around or in corridors. Use thurst and high strike, to avoid TK and avoid hitting a wall.

    • When using, say, two handed sword, use a lot of high strike. Wait for a good opportunity, and finish crippled enemies with high strike, because it does a huge amount of damage compared to other strikes. If you barely miss with the high strike, you can still hit by quickly moving the sword sideways with mouse. It looks a bit weird, but you get the kill.

    • When you are wounded, flee behind your teammates and wait for health to regen. It takes a bit time, but is faster than getting killed and then walking all the way from spawn area back to combat. Using this tactic you get a good K/D ratio, and it’s easy to get top scores, even if it feels you are out of battle a lot of the time. If you are forced to fight with low health, rely on your teammates, stay a bit behind them and attack crippled enemies if the perfect opportunity comes.

    • In Free For All -mode, never attack single guys. If you see someone coming at you alone, run the other way. Try to look for fights where there is many people already beating each other up, and approach someone of them from behind, kill him with a high strike. The rest are most likely all
      crippled, and you can easily kill them aswell. I use this tactic and win Free-for-all almost every time.

    • Stick together, in general. There’s no point in going alone against many. Wait until there’s enough mates around, then charge.

    Please post more!

  • I kind of like some of those first suggestions. I never have a problem letting my friends do a bit of work for me. No need to fuss over kills, just as long as it gets done.

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