Javelineers bugged when crouching and slow crosshair updates

  • Javelineers are bugged when crouching, their aim shifts upwards from where your crosshair was prior to changing stance. When you go to fire, it snaps back to where it was prior to entering crouch. It’s impossible to play the class effectively whilst crouched.

    There’s also an issue with the javelineers crosshair, reloading and feedback: the “aiming” crosshair remains present after throwing a javelin, it only disappears once you’re ready to throw once again. The feedback here is difficult to comprehend, I try to throw well before I’m finished reloading.

    Can it be resolved so that the crosshair immediately changes to the “non-primed” circular dot after throwing a javelin?

    The reload animation also fools me into an early firing attempt by its subtle “pull back” at the end of the animation. As a new javelin animates back up onto screen, it gets into a position where it looks like it’s ready to be primed, but then does ~1 second “pull back” anim, and then it’s ready. Can it just come up to a straight “ready” anim and not do anything subtle there?

    Thanks for listening. He was my favourite class in AoC, would love to see him have some spit’n’shine on some current awkwardness :)

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