How to change ingame name?

  • I want to change my ingame name to something more… medieval, but at the same time I don’t want to change my Steam nickname to something that will confuse most of my friend list. I have tried changing it via console command, but that only seems to work in single-player/LAN. I have tried changing it via UDKGame.ini, but that doesn’t seem to work online either.

    Is there some way to change my ingame name without modifying the Steam settings? Thanks.

  • setname name in the console. That should work in multiplayer, unless it was changed recently-ish.

  • Yeah, that’s the console command I was talking about. It doesn’t seem to be working. I guess they did change it.

  • Sorry for the necro but it’s a real shame this doesn’t work anymore.

    Especially for someone that is a member of a clan or group and wants to show it off, a 3-4 letter prefix for names would be cool. Doubt I would use it but others definitely would.

    Might keep people from using really obnoxious prefixes with tons of symbols in them.

  • It’s indeed annoying, in the unreal engine 2.5 you can change your name in just the console, in the unreal 3 engine it seems to be disabled, maybe to prevent abuse or something.

    I have to use a different name for Chivalry, seeing my steam name contains a name i use for a unit im a member of for a different game.

    I had put a suggestion into the steam forums to maybe add like a name option to the games properties in Library. But i doubt it will ever come.

  • Change your steam name. worked for me.

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