Half Life 2 - Short

  • This is pretty much a cool part of a video game story. Half-Life is one of the most in depth if not the most in depth story invented in a game :P Quite good, it did take a year (part 2) for 15 minutes however but that’s understandable for the quality and small group and unwillingness to spend money for pre-models. Overall an A+ short film…Only problem is the love in a short film is a little lack luster as its hard to present emotions in the form they were in such a small time span. Still better than your average Hollywood film.

    By: Purchase Brothers
    Budget : 250$ (Course that’s just what they spent not what was made for them for free lol)
    http://www.youtube.com/user/PurchaseBro … ixFf4ljuCg Part 1
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lyUNs7e … ideos_film Part 2

  • Definately worth a watch! I liked the ending of part 2 alot. I was like… “Ohhhh… No… man…”, but I was delighted at what they did.

  • Hehe, glad you liked it!!:)…Would really like to encourage video game companies to do movies of themselves…But their excuse is that it would warp the thinking and such of their viewers to question the game or vice-versa. I mean a Halo series (not cartoon) would make so much initially because of all their teen fans and from what I’ve heard (I stopped playing after Halo 2) that their franchise has taken a bad turn so they could use it :P.

  • I didn’t like the second one as much…not enough story, and the timeframe was a bit difficult to understand at times. Overall, they’re impressive fan films, though the guys who made it are professionals, so I would hold it to a higher standard as well.

  • wow, that was the best advertising ever.

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