MAA dodge or torch throw input is ignored when running

  • I don’t know if this has been pointed out yet (it seems like a bug to me), but when you are running (either by holding down the run button or in the run mode toggle with a single key press), you can’t throw torches in mid-run, and you can’t MAA dodge out of the run.

    This may seem like a minor thing to some players, but it gets extremely annoying with you need a fraction of a second to dodge an incoming attack while running with the MAA, or to throw a torch just before being attacked and interrupted. The tiny time window wasted in cancelling your run to be able to dodge or throw a torch has killed more than a few people in this game.

    The current behavior is that if you’re running with MAA and try to dodge, the key input is ignored by the game and you get nothing. You can mash the dodge button while run is toggled to “on” and nothing happens. Same with throwing a torch. Running just needs to be able to be cancelled by any action, basically. Running can be cancelled in every other FPS I’ve played, so I’m hoping this is a bug fix we’ll see with the next patch.

  • Jump while running, and afterwards you’ll be able to dodge (and I think throw torches), your stamina will begin to regenerate too.

    It’s a bug with the player state not being correctly tracked.

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