A plea to the developer…

  • Great to hear about all the new content coming down the pipline! But I have a request of you, Torn Banner…

    If you want this game to keep growing and succeeding, please prioritize fixing bugs, balancing, and polishing your game over pumping out “more stuff” in terms of workload allocation. The mantra of quality over quantity has never held more true in a genre like this. Think about competitive CS 1.6 for example…it’s been around for over a decade and is only played on two or three maps! I would love to see Chivalry get to this level of polish some day soon and garner a large following, but it’s a bit clunky right now. Enjoying the game immensely though. Thank you!

  • Every day that this update gets delayed a baby panda dies

    to a warhammer spamming knight.

  • @NeoRussia:

    to archers
    man at arms forward dodging norse sword


    They are prioritizing bug squashing and quality improvement over content. Don’t do it too much, but it is important right now. They know that. I’m really looking forward to more TO maps and flail, too. <3

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