Castle Siege?

  • Anybody else think it would be cool to add in castle siege to this game…? With 32 players per team aswell, in other words; there would be 64 players in a game… Sorry if it has been discussed already…

  • I certainly would like to see some larger scale battles. Something where battle formations can play a part and people feel less inclined to wander off on their own.

    Imagine marching up to siege a castle with a front line of knights with tower shields protecting you from archers so that you can get in close.

    The ingredients are already there for a castle siege, and I think it would make a great map for the objective mode.

    Maybe make it like a medieval version of the Omaha Beach assault. ;)

  • Yeah 64 players should work fine

    Only problem is the sound channels getting overloaded

    Once they fix that it will be perfect, ofc with a map designed for 64 players

  • Yes 32 archers on the castle walls synchronizing their shots at the attackers.

    Their arrows will blot out the sun! ;)

  • Even though we have two castle sieges, it does not really feel like a siege, seeing the defenders spawn outside. It would be awesome to get some real siege maps like in Mount & Blade, this can easily be done by adding a flag somewhere in the castle like in King Of The Hill. On castle walls. this is where archers belong, shooting down incoming enemies. Helms Deep anyone? :D

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