Why I can't stand archers.

  • @Jadarok:

    That is really a big problem. People just don´t care what they hit. Why should they? There is like no punishment at all.

    Of course there is. The punishment is you hurt your teammate…which could cost you the match.

    Yeah thats what reasonable people and teamplayers understand… but those “OmgZ i got skillZ!” archers don´t.
    They don´t care about the team or the outcome of the round. They just care about this one little happy moment when they accidentally manage to fatally hit an enemy target…

    I know it´s sad… :|

  • They don´t care about the team or the outcome of the round. They just care about this one little happy moment when they accidentally manage to fatally hit an enemy target…

    I get the feeling it’s more about getting one more kill towards the next unlock.

    I am getting infuriatingly tired of archers doing NOTHING except shooting people in the back as they try to fight. Rarely do I ever see archers on the objective or helping their team - they just stand near the spawn and shoot people in the back - friendly or not.

    Yep, it does get annoying when your team is clearly too archer-heavy to take any objectives in TO. Again, though, I guess some players are just more interested in getting the unlocks. I guess this happens with any class-based team game - can’t count the number of TF2 games I’ve played where we’ve had a team of snipers and spies.

  • @William:

    Is you server official? I still need to unlock some stuff…

    I don’t know what you mean by official. It is a dedicated server, it is apparently ranked, and is hosted by multiplay, for now. Their prices suck.

  • You can earn unlocks on non-official servers as long as they’re ranked servers.

  • Ahhh, well then yes, you can unlock stuff :)

  • Well then, Ill surely accept your invitation to come and take your head! :)

  • Multiplay | {FGC}* #1 Mixed Modes! (http://www.fgcgaming.com)

    Knock yourself out!

    EDIT! wrong port, thats the query port. Game port is 8477

  • Can´t find the server, damn!

  • i hate archerz :c

  • Archers are breaking the game for me too. It’s terribly annoying having battled and killed a few of Agathas finest, finding that your health is really low yet receive your medal in the form of an arrow to the back of your skull from a team mate. TK apology? You wish! In fact they even dare get mad at you yet you’ve clearly been engaged in the battle long before they started chucking arrows down the field…

    This happens so much I’ve literally turned back and went to bash their skulls in.

    I also hate enemy archers. After you’ve killed your opponent they just one-shot you in the cheapest manner ever. This also happens a lot and makes the game impossibly frustrating, but OK I try my best to flank the bastards and with a semi-smart team you can still get a good score and smash them to bits.

  • 100% agree on this. However it’s just people that don’t care about Team Attacking. I give up hundreds of Killing Blows each game just in case I may hit a teammate. I move on to a different enemy, me and him 1v1 for a few seconds but wait, my teammate behind me starts swinging from 1 mile away. Coming in close, he swings that sword right into my face, kills me, takes my kill and then moves on without even looking back or anything. That or an archer tries to steal my kill.

    I remember this 1 game, I was fighting this guy and got hit, but he didn’t even swing at me. Then I get hit again, and again. I look behind me and there’s an archer just spamming arrows in the enemies general direction.

    Something needs to be done about this. I can’t even remember now how many thousands of times I’ve been lowered to 1hp by teammates only to get 1 shotted by an enemy.

  • It seems that the problem isn’t really the archer class itself, just that the vast majority of players that use it aren’t very good or just don’t care. I’ve seen many archers help out a lot, but more often then not they just spam and at most provide SOME suppression. I agree that there should be more punishment for the terrible, team damaging ones, but I feel the “time-out” type model wouldn’t be very effective. They might think about what they have done, but they have also already proven in most cases that the reason they received mirror damage was a lack of caring. If they don’t care enough in the first place, a minor inconvenience to their spamming probably won’t change much.

  • Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’m rarely the victum of archer team kills. I think people are blowing this out of per portion.

  • Just play MAA with heater shield or knight with tower shield. Just keep the shield on your back. The shields guard most of your back, and stop arrows.

    It’s a pretty good choice over the other items either class has for that slot, not to mention you can also bring out the shield to close in on enemy archers that are targeting you.

  • They should take out one shot arrow kills.

  • @Dr:

    Well, it also has to do with giving the archer ROOM to shoot. Don’t wade into combat like a retard with your back against your own archers, but do it at an angle and let the archers have a chance at it. They are in fact tactical support so it makes no sense NOT to accommodate them. Granted, there are a lot of retards in public games, but even then this minimizes the risk.

    At the same time, archers have the option of selecting their targets, so the responsibility should always be on them to minimise team damage. Personally, when I play archer, I generally go warbow/broadheads or crossbow and target the enemy archers that are otherwise unreachable for the melee players. If I am to target the enemy melee, it is generally shots that are very unlikely to hit a teammate.

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