2 new maps for age of chivalry

  • Hi all, age of chivalry is my favorite source engine mod and i like to make custom stuff for it. Here is my 2 new maps:

    ––==== AOC_STRONGHOLD ====----

    screenshots: (sorry for stupid imageshack)

    Mason team primary objectives:

    • get into castle by using siege tower, battering ram, or breaching the enemy wall.
    • capture both gatehouses to spawn inside castle.
    • capture the citadel.

    Mason team secondary objectives:

    • destructable objects: watchtower, catapult tower and wall, you can destroy them by using catapults ar a trebushet (not with a single shot, of course).
    • move the siege tower.
    • move the battering ram.

    Agatha team primary objectives:

    • defend the small gateouse flag.
    • defend the main gatehouse flag.
    • defend the citadel flag.

    map was tested on my server with some people, here is the video:


    download from here:

    The possible problem with this map is… low fps (60-80 with no-one, 40-60 with 16 players). Thats because source engine is bad for using in big open levels. Of course i optimized map as maximum as possible but here still be some places with low fps.

    the next map is:

    ----==== AOC_DARK_CITADEL ====----


    Agatha team primary objectives:

    • get into castle by using siege tower or a battering ram.
    • capture the gatehouse to spawn inside walls.
    • capture the citadel.

    Agatha team secondary objectives:

    • destructable objects: tower and a catapult, you can destroy them by using your own catapult ar a trebushet (not with a single shot, of course).
    • move the siege tower.
    • move the battering ram.

    Mason team primary objectives:

    • defend the gateouse flag.
    • defend the citadel flag.

    dont forget to watch the video:


    download from here:

    This map is much more optimized, has better fps (less of destructable objects), and better balance for both teams.

    Thats all, thanks you for reading, and i hope you like it.

    P.S. Source engine rocks i dont understand why developers leave it and started a new game.

  • Nice maps djihad. I’m gonna upload 'em to ek server.

  • Good job, Thanks for contributing to the community :P as malnourished and famine it is may spark a Renaissance for some in the area of custom development if not for AoC then for its incoming successor.

    The reason I believe they switched to a different engine is because swing tracers in AoC are just so unreliable and such (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYrkn6EF … re=related) movement is also extremely gross feeling and physics are very…choppy…weird… I don’t know how to describe it but if you ever see collisions between falling objects or rolling boulders it’s very…not good to say the least.
    2ndly Source is becoming outdated…environmental manipulation in UDK is very powerful as opposed to source…
    3rdly evasion that they added cannot be done in source EVEN NEARLY (not to mention abusable bunny hopping lol) as liquidity or flow through as UDK
    4thly this generation calls for graphics and source has finally been caught a little too far up to and this can be done now and hell why not give developers the chance to show off even more of what they’re actually capable of.
    5thly Lighting is gross in source I’ll just end it right there in my experiences.
    6thly The amount of customization (more advanced even) done for modders and mappers alike is vastly enhanced with a UDK engine…I feel limited in SDK…I found working around kinks consistently in a engine that has no profession integrity (besides it being a 3d program) is not worth my time.As opposed to using UDK and recently learning outside 3d programs in regard to that (and I can’t even imagine how annoying small kinks would be like when importing .obj to sdk >.< lol).
    7thly continually updating (big updates not just hotfixes) a mod for no profit for 5 years straight is too much to ask for even if for a portfolio.
    8thly Effects and the such…particles… Many more trigger possibilities… etc.
    9thly There’s maybe more I’m missing but honestly anything that adds more versatility to what can be done with game play is MORE than enough to switch engines imo…

    Also if you like custom development (as I see you have the competence and determination :D unfortunately unlike many other steamers that attempt game design) you should check out a free program called UDK… I guess you could model in it if you want still but I still and everyone else it seems still imports .obj from programs like 3d studio max(free student license) , Blender (free?), Maya, Zbrush, Cinema 4d? (free?)

    PS - I like the Crusader touch to first map with the logs and rocks :P

    and you should put this in Custom Content next time as that’s what you’re doing it could invite more people to your thread ;P! (I’m no better though haha, just trying to help people recognize you!) :P

  • woah woah you can use .obj files for UDK? hooray i’ve got wings3d :D

    also epic cgratz on those maps, what server do they run on? :P

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