Vigilia Mortis - Slay them in the Emperors name!

  • Hey everyone, my name is Valrak and I lead a digital Warhammer 40k gaming community. I just wanted to make this thread to see if anyone would be interested in joining our chapter which is focused to bring a sense of Warhammer 40k to Chivalry, I know that the game doesn’t look anything like the Warhammer 40k universe but with our imagination every enemy is either an Ork or Chaos Space Marine, plus who hasn’t yelled ‘FOR THE EMPEROR!’ before charging into a group of armoured enemies :P

    Here is some information about us:

    We’re an adult based Chapter made up of Warhammer and PC gaming fans. As with most gaming communities, we have our own rules that we follow to make our experience more fun and enjoyable for all members. The Chapter was founded with the upcoming Dark Millennium Online in mind, due to the news that DMO will be more single player based we have evolved ourselves to explore more areas of the Warhammer 40K gaming world.

    We’ve been playing Chivalry since its release and we haven’t had chance to put the game down, we have been bringing the Emperors wraith to MP servers and enjoying cutting down anyone who stands in our way. We want to recruit members who share the same love for the Warhammer IP & Chivarly game as much as we do - hopefully you will join us on our quest to retake the galaxy. The Chapter is Imperium based only, we serve the God Emperor as his angels of death, Ecclesiarchy and his Hammer.

    The Chapter is inspired by Deathwatch, we chose to go this route so members were free to join as their favourite Chapter, it also gives us the freedom to make up our own lore and allow our members to create their own stories without damaging official lore.

    When applying to join our Chapter you will be asked to choose which Chapter you wish to be displayed on your profile, upon being invited into our Chapter you will have this chapter banner put on your profile, as well as your company and Forum Rank. More on these ranks can be found in the ‘Chapter Information’ section. Your company is decided on which time-zone you are located in; this helps companies organize events such as chapter champion tournaments and gives you a good idea of how big this community has become. A big thanks goes out to HAGNAR for these awesome banners, below you will see some examples:

    Here are some of the features that help us build our community:

    • Unique Ranks
    • Chapter tournaments/Events
    • 50+ Mumble voice server
    • Friendly and dedicated Moderators and Administrators
    • Real-time Chat interface
    • Tactical and mature community
    • Lore and art forum
    • RP community
    • Dedicated gaming servers

    Visit us at:

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