Attacks from behind blocked, and other glitches

  • Hello. While fooling around on a nofunallowed.jpg server, I noticed that people were blocking my attacks from behind. I would attack their rear, but I would get parried. Then I would get my head chopped off by a vanguard (while ducking under) when he is facing away from me. (Ping 50-60)

    Another one that happened to me often. I would seem to get stuck into walls, moldings, the ground etc. It seemed to be mainly after parrying attacks. I would be able to move very slowly, but not attack or block at all. It would be like spectator cam, but lock onto you (no weapon or anything on screen).

  • I also find it strange you can be hit by the end of a swing (from behind them or otherwise) while there is no momentum, and yet still take maximum damage.

  • Getting hit from behind someone is caused by being hit with their windup (stupid) or being hit when they wind up for a combo (also stupid). This has cost me many a backstab.

  • windup doing damage makes sense to a certain point. But starting your swing from inside of a player and it hitting them is pretty stupid. I hope it’s not an engine limitation and they are able to fix it. I don’t mind the end of a swing doing maximum damage, that seems more like a gameplay design feature.

  • That’s simply because you’re not being accurate in your strikes and you’re attacking your opponent’s parry box as opposed to hitting him. Once you attack his parry box, you are parried and your attack does not continue.

    Normally if you were inaccurately attacking from behind and there is no parry box, you have more time to alter your swing onto your enemy. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this behavior.

    As for the Vanguard chopping your head off, you’d be surprised at how much area certain attacks and weapons can cover in a single attack. Again, nothing wrong or buggy with this particular behavior.

  • I DO see something wrong with it. There should be no parry box on someones back, nor should you be able to hit someone when they are 180 degrees behind you.

    If I put a knife in your back, you shouldnt be able to parry it at your front.

    This is why Vanguard is at the top of score boards 90% of the time. They have a >180 degree range to hit, the longest reach, and are damn fast too.

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