Autobalance Changes

  • Autobalance was a feature that was definitely needed, however it has not properly been implemented.
    The current problem with the autobalance system is that it always moves the top player on the team.

    1)Players that do well in games will often be moved multiple times every game
    2)Players that do well in games have difficulty playing with a buddy because they are constantly getting moved
    3)It is really lame when you are pushing an objective/carrying a team to a win and then get switched to the team you just wiped.

    I feel that it would be much better to do:
    a)random-pool based autobalance
    b)top-50% based autobalance
    c)“last to join team” based auto balance.

    This would be extremely easy to implement and wouldn’t consistently target the same players over-and-over again like the current system does.

  • I support this change, never have I came across a game that in a sense punishes you for being good. There have been times that the Auto balance has even Auto Balanced the “losing” teams top player to stack a team that already has enough decent players only for the only fact that the “winning” team is a man down which makes me think the auto-balance mechanic is the biggest troll then some Chiv’s players. IMO it should be the “Last person to join” as found in most titles, not “First Place”. Either way the mechanic isn’t really working the way it should and is ruining the experience for us players so please Devs review this for us, you have a great game here lets make it better :)

  • The devs agree with you. Autobalance is being fixed in the next patch to balance based on a different factor than score difference which currently makes it always swap the best or worst score on a team depending on which team is winning, and doesn’t seem to consider any other factor.

  • Here is the thread detailing it:


  • Good post indeed sire, i know whenever it prompts me that I’m going to be changed in a couple seconds, i got on a spree and wound all my team-mates! 8-)

    Dick-moveth sire indeedy.

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