Steam achievements not working ?

  • Guys,

    Is it just me or are the Steam achievements for Chivalry broken ? I’ve remarkably unlocked two achievements out of the blue by playing on my coop server with bots. :?

    I’m sorry if this has been brought up before, but hope there would be some sort of solution for them to unlock.


  • Those are not in yet. They seem to be showing on Steam, but have not actually been implemented.

  • Some achievements may be unlockable now. I’m going through and getting the achievements working for the next patch. In particular, those based on stats that already exist such as the ones that you get for unlocking weapons and rising in level. I’m not exactly sure if they are unlockable in their current state right now , but you might’ve gotten lucky and unlocked them as I went through and tested them myself.

    However, most other achievements you will have to wait until the next patch to achieve so that includes the veteran achievement, sands of time , etc. The patch notes will have more details about achievements.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • So, after the patch will the achievements auto award for those that are already gained? For example, I’ve unlocked all the way to Zwiehander already, will I get the Claymore and Zwiehander unlock achievements?

  • Those details will come in the patch notes.

  • Thanks for the heads up, will wait patiently then for the patch :)

  • Thanks!

    Edit: Just got a heap’o achievements. Including all previously unlocked weapons, like ‘Unlock all Bows’ etc. well done.

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